Solved The Shady Puzzle

Published November 19, 2011 by ireneyksoh

While the prizes from the previous two giveaways are on its way to the winners home, I’m happy to announce the start of a brand new one. Are you all ready for it?

Rules are simple as always. All you have to do, is to be the first 3 friends to complete the shady puzzle above and email it to me at Do also drop me a comment here saying: ” Shady Puzzle Completed! I want My Goodie Bag”, so that I can take note of your entry.

Not sure about how to play the shady puzzle? The rules are as follow:

1. Each number represents a continuous block of squares that need to be shaded in that row or column.

2. Each comma represents at least one empty square between two blocks of shaded squares in that row or column.

3. The first square of each row or column need not be shaded.

(Rules extract from My Paper)

Have fun!

19 comments on “Solved The Shady Puzzle

    • This is where my typo error lies. The correct no should be : 2,6,5,5
      Will update a new pictures with the correct number and some clues soon. Waiting for 2 more potential winners to email me.
      Congrats to Cindy for being the first.

  • Shady Puzzle Completed! I want My Goodie Bag.
    I have sent the email!
    BTW, I love to play this puzzle. Can I ask which Daiso did you go to get the shady puzzle book? I went to the Daiso at IMM but they only have Sudoku puzzle books 😦

  • Congrats, Dean! you are the second winner. Email received with thanks. Will reply you soon with regards to the mystery bag.

    I got the book from Daiso Vivo City. Hope that helps.

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