Prize From Funan IT Mall

Published November 3, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Due to some unknown reasons, I did not received any redemption letter mailed to be from Funan IT Mall. Despite them calling me over the phone and doubled confirmed my mailing address before posting out the letters, none of it managed to reached me.

Just when I was feeling very lost, the kind folks at Funan IT Mall called me up and informed me that I can still collect my prize without the letter. All I have to do is to drop by their customer service counter at level one and tell their staff my name. And that the staff there will be brief about my arrival. That is so sweet of them.

And sure enough, I just mentioned my name and my purpose of visit to the sweet smiling lady behind the customer service counter  and she immediately know what I’m after, absolutely no hiccups whatever so. It also did not take her long to trace from the computer the prize that I had won and passed it to me. All the while with this sweet smile on her face. She is such an angel. I feel so happy to have won myself a portable speaker. It’s something that I had wanted to get for long. Hooray! It’s like a dream come true.



Another hooray to my new toy! Been eyeing a similar one from Action City but the price is not really wallet friendly to me. At least to a miser like me. Was so thrilled to be owning now. Am so gonna start using it asap.


2 comments on “Prize From Funan IT Mall

  • Won it quite a long time back, from the facebook funan it mall marathon game. but it was only recently that i got to collect my prize.

    btw: me going to collect another prize soon. this time, it has something to do with color blue

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