More Korean Canned Drinks From Gmarket

Published November 2, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Remember the two sets of Korean Canned drinks  that I’ve ordered quite some time ago from Gmarket. They were all gone within a week. It seems that my family members are loving them a lot. So when  they were available during the next Gmarket Yahoo Day special, I immediately place my order for 4 sets, perform a checkout and happily waiting for it to be courier to my house.

And all thanks to the seller’s fast and efficient service, my orders arrived within a week and all nicely packed into two cartons. Had replenish quite a few of the flavours that I had tried during my previous order, those highly raved and liked by my family members.

A quick peep into the two parcels containing my latest purchase. Quite a spread of canned drinks, isn’t it? And to think I only ordered 4 sets and paid a very cheap price for them too.

Here are the contents inside my two parcel. A total of 40 canned drinks. One canned was gone before I managed to finish laying them out for a photo shoot. Sneak out by a mischievous hand. The deals was amazing as I paid only slightly over S$20 for them all. Wonder how long will it take for the canned drinks to be completely gone… …


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