My Latest Prizes

Published October 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After several corresponding emails and few days of waiting, my parcel from The Sample Store finally arrived. Was up especially early today to receive this bag of lovely babes from the courier man. Oh Boy! Sure am I excited about it!

And these are the contents inside my parcel. They are prizes that I had won through some facebook contest. OMG! Such a huge spread of goodies. Aren’t they such lovely babes?



First up are my prizes for being one of the lucky winners for the 3rd week of NuTeen Rescue My Face  Facebook game. Took me quite some time of clicking and playing before I finally managed to complete the game. Not forgetting the excess seconds I gain from friends who accepted my app request.This game is still ongoing now till 17th November 2011. Do click HERE to play if you are interested in winning the prize too.


Next was my prize for being one of the lucky 20 voters for the Sana Superhero Awards Contest. I was sent a bottle of Sana Esteny Fit Sauna Waist. Just what I need. This item had been in my wishlist for quite some time. But as always, my stingy nature forbids me to spurge on it. Am so eager to try it out with my sister.

4 comments on “My Latest Prizes

  • congratz to you! have you start using the products? i love the sleeping mask to the max. am planning to get more once finish. but then again, i still got a bottle of bio-essence bird’s nest sleeping mask haven’t use yet.

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