Trick Or Treat By Sweet Enchantment

Published October 29, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Sweet Enchantment is celebrating their very first Halloween Special with a very special candy giveaway, just the way how kids go about asking for candy on Halloween! Sounds like so much fun!

So grabbed your clean, air-tight container and drppped by Vivo City. Then say:  “Trick or Treat!” to any of the retail staff at Sweet Enchantment. And violas, your container will be filled to the brim with wholesome delicious candies. How more wonderful can things be?


Trick of Treat! 2011

29th – 30th Oct 2011

1100hrs – 10hrs

Sweet Enchantment @ Vivocity #01-159

Bring along: clean, air-tight container

To do: Say “Trick or Treat!” to any of our retail staff, then present them your container!

Terms & Conditions / Disclaimers-

}} While candies last!

}} Amount of candy: size of container

}} Flavour of candy: We’re giving out a mix of our flavours this time!

}} Container should be clean

Yes! You heard us! This time we are giving out as much candy as your container can fit! So what this means is: if you want a lot more handmade, all-natural goodness, bring a bigger container! 😉

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