Bella Box

Published October 24, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My Bella Box arrived more than 2 weeks ago, hand delivered by kind Mr Postman. But due to some personal problem that I am having, I had no time to truly sit down and explore its content until now. Let’s all take a look at my goodies, shall we?

The lovely pink Bella Box received from Mr Postman. Isn’t it such a lovely color for a box? I can’t helped but think that the pink box is specially tailor made for us ladies. Because pink is often placed in par with feminine. And on the delivery advise, it was printed that I received version 3 out of the 3 randomly selected limited edition box. Yes, you heard me! For its 1st launch, Bella Box prepared a total of 3 different limited edition of Bella Box randomly delivered to their subscription members.

Upon opening the pink box, I was greeted by yet another lovely brown stripped box. This is the actual Bella Box that I had ordered. The pink outer box is only for delivery purpose.

A small card containing full details of the goodies that I had received and its retail price too, in case I wish to get more after I finish using my samples. They were all so right. Everything given to me was so tempting.

My Bella Box October Limited Edition Version 3 consist of:

01. Oscar De La Renta Espirit D’Oscar 3ml
02. OPI Avojuice Skin Quenches – Ginger Lily 30ml
03. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 25ml
04. Aveda Suncare Hair And Body Cleanser 50ml
05. Twistband Hair Ties – Lucy (Ballet pink, raspberry, cherry)

My Verdict:

The S$15 monthly subscription fees may proved to be a bit on the high side. But the fact that the goodies given consist mainly of international brand made it very worthwhile. Not forgetting the fact that the Bella Box will be send right to your door steps every 2nd week of each month makes it an even better deal. Who doesn’t love receiving goodies every month and at the comfort of your home? I seriously love it to the max.

The goodies that I had received were simply fantastic, except for one – Twistband Hair Ties. Was kinda clueless what to do as I don’t even have long hair to begin with. But overall, everything exceeds my expectation for it. Am sincerely looking forward and counting down to receiving my November Bella Box now…

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