Lots Of Pocky for Me !

Published October 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was planning to get some bread at NTUC supermarket when I chanced upon some new flavours of Pocky that are quite new to me. Not sure how long have they been available in the market, but these lovely babes were only known to be now. I happily bought home a box of each flavour.

The first 2 flavours that I had got for myself is the dark chocolate and milk chocolate. As compare to the good old pocky, these ones had the chocolate hidden in the hollow stick instead. Two different flavour sticks and two different chocolate flavours to spoilt you for choice.

The next two flavours that I bought are lychee and blueberry. By the look of the wording on the box, I have a strong feeling that these two are from Thailand. I may be wrong too.So happy with my findings. Why can’t we have a Singapore only pocky flavour too?

Last but not least, my favourite Pepero almond & Chocolate stick. Was first attract to this by its cheap selling price of $0.90, which is about the price of a regular pocky. But got hook after the first stick.

What special flavour of pocky have you tried? Where you got them from? How’s the taste? Do please share with me your findings too.


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