CozyCot LoveFest 2011

Published October 11, 2011 by ireneyksoh

The day has finally come. I happily made my way to Orchard Central for the CozyCot LoveFest 2011 event. am so looking forward to the various workshop and funs that are awaiting me there. Not forgetting, the lovely things that I’ve get to try there, and also meeting up and chit chatting with friends.

My sister accompanied me to the event, also with me are Aunt Mei and Cousin Zhen Zhen.

Upon arriving, I first make my way to the registration counter. Was given a small goodie bag for being the first 200 early birds to arrive for the event. It does paid to be on time.


Each of us were also given an activity card. Our aim is to visit the various booths as indicated on the card and get it stamps. Oh boy! Thank God the activity card is not as complicated as the previous time. Took me more than 2 hours to complete the previous one. Hey look! My card is almost complete. Am so looking forward to getting my goodie bag.

And guess who I saw at the event? Its ANDY LAU… … standee. T_T Well, at least its life size. And oh god, he is still so handsome! Me a big fan of his since my primary school times. Eh… … I think I accidentally reveal my age. Ops…


Okie! Switch! Switch! See how relaxing my sister is on the massage chair. Every visitor was asked to have a trial on the latest Osim uDivine chair. And after which, a goodie bag containing a Andy Lau 2012 poster calendar and many other wonderful samples will be given  at the end of the session. Ahhh! How can I miss it.


Swirl Art introduce a new flavour of yoghurt specially for this event named Cupid Berry. Feel so happy to be able to try it. Look at the generous portion given to us. And also the lovely topping. I’m melting… …


The huge spread of refreshments reserved for VIP of the events. Lovely spread, isn’t it? But too bad its not for ordinary people like me. Its for those paid participants for some events that were on show that day, and also some VIPs. But something happened made me feel very sored.

I have my doubts about the term “VIPs” being used here. How do they define who should or who should not be. I mean, yes for those paid participants. Then who else? Are “friends” of CozyCot also considered to be VIPs? Or those promoters at the various booths? Or perhaps even their crew staffs?

I can’t helped but noticed that there were still quite a sustainable amount of food when I left at about 6plus.  Did the staffs crews helped themselves ? Or were they just conveniently disposed of after all the guests left? This perhaps is something that should be improved on.

Delicious cupcakes, brownies and macaroons going at S$1 each or per pack. All proceeds from their sales will be donated to Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO). I’ve bought quite a few packets of macaroons. S$1 for a pack of 2 macaroons is quite a steal for me. Not forgetting, its for charity also. And that’s like killing two birds with one stone. So why not? I never regret my decision. My friends whom I gave the macaroons to simply adores them. I ended up with repeated trips for more to satisfy everyone.

Going home happily with lots of goodie bags. The smaller red bag being the door gift, the larger red bag is my S$20 goodie bag. And the last one is from Osim. They may look small but they sure are heavy. Curious to know what’s inside?

Eagerly pouring out the goodies from various bags and arranging them on the floor. While  going through the items, I noticed that 2 items from my S$20 goodie bag had their expiry dates approaching in a couple of months. The box of Cetrinets Fruit Flavored Vitamin C Chew Tablets and box of Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Hydrolotion SPF 50, both expiring in Feb 2012. Also reaching their grace periods are the Naughty G canned drinks, expiring on 18th Nov 2011. Such a short period, isn’t it? This kinda worries me. Don’t think I dare to use products with such short grace period. But then, I also don’t want to waste my money since I’ve paid quite a sum for them. Oh God! What should  I do?

Despite that, am very happy that there were more sample products given this year as compare to last year. So many wonderful products that I wanna share with my friends. Perhaps another mystery bag giveaway? What do you suggest?

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