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Published October 3, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I’m a very big fan of facial mask. So much so that I have a huge collection of it at home, waiting for me in the corner of my closet. Despite the vast quantities available, I simply can’t stop myself from buying more. Especially when the mask is from my favourite Lush Group.I happily added them into my shopping cart, only to regret over it later. But what’s done cannot be undone. What I can do now is only to wait for the items to arrive and finish them off.  🙂

Here comes my goodies. All nicely wrapped in a nice box. Thanks to the fast and efficient team behind Lush Group, I didn”t have to wait long before the items finally arrived at my door-step. And also to Ms Sarina, for constantly update me both via phone and facebook msg with regards to my order status. That is indeed very sweet of her.

A picture of all my purchases in full blossom. Aren’t they such lovely babes to you? Not only did I purchase all 4 types of the new mask, I also bought quite an amount each to share with my friends and family members. Afterall, good things are meant to be shared, aren’t they?

I also bought the New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set to try. Been pondering whether or not to get it for quite some time already,  I simply couldn’t make up my mind. But after reading Xiaxue’s review, I’m finally give in and bought a set.  Not forgetting the ElishaCoy miniatures going at S$2 each. I’ll be off to try out my new toy now. Til then, au revoir.

BTW: anyone fancy a giveaway for any items shown in the pictures?

8 comments on “Small Hauls From

    • i was initially very happy. it was when i try to keep them in my storage box that i start to regret my purchase.

      i have 2 boxes of the black lovemore mask that i bought a week after trying out the red box of lovemore mask that i’ve gotten from lush group.

      then i have 2 boxes of watsons bird’s nest mask, bought during their member’s buy 1 get 1 free sales.

      then i have around 20 pcs of lovemore and sexylook mask left from my purchase from thesamplestore during their xmas sales.

      then another abt 20pcs of tony moly, etude house and holika holika masks given by friends as xmas gifts.

      with my latest 20, i’ve now got:
      16 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 20 = 86 pcs of mask

      HOW SCARY! My storage place is stuffed fulled of mask.

      • Its normal. I bought 19 boxes of my beauty diary masks during guardian sales thats excluding those cream base masks. Anyway as long we are happy can liao

  • me too! the first thing that comes to my mind whenever i see cute things is: “OMG! so cute! I MUST buy it”
    pls repeat after me:” we women are NOT GREEDY! we just happens to buy more things than we naturally required. but that’s okie. there’s no harm stocking up on things anyway. we will still use them one day”.

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