Bebe Poshe Lucky Voter

Published September 15, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Helped voted for a friend daily for the Bebe Poshe Bloggers Challenge and was very lucky to be one of the hundred voter to win a pair of eye lashes or eye pencil. So happy to be able to help out a friend and also get to win something for myself at the same time.

Prizes are randomly sent out by the organizer and as such, you won’t be able to choose the prize that you want. So the prize you received will remain a mystery until after you received it. It didn’t take more than 4 days before my prize finally got inside my mail box. What do you think I’ve got?

I wasted no time in ripping open the package and out dropped… a pair of eye lashes. I was kinda hoping to get the eye pencil though. I don’t really think its suits me.

Should I start another giveaway with this as  part of the prizes or should I just simply gave to a friend? What do you think?


4 comments on “Bebe Poshe Lucky Voter

    • You are right, sis! nobody would dislike prizes. But rather than keeping it at home and let it become white elephant, i would love to give to someone who love it as much as i do and put it to good use too.

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