Brand’s Sesamin With Schisandra Extract

Published August 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Hooray to yet another parcel of goodie arriving in my mailbox today. And this time, its from Brands Wellness Singapore. It’s Brand’s Sesamin With Schisandra Extract 5 Days Trial Pack that I had redeemed for myself quite some time ago.

Being the largest organ, the liver plays a vital role as your body’s filter by detoxifying your blood. We all know how important is it to keep our liver healthy. However, our modern living lifestyle does not enable us to do so. Stress, lack of sleep and poor eating habits are some of the ways that will damage our liver, leading to exhaustion and poor skin conditions.

That’s when Brand’s Sesamin With Schisandra Extract pills come into the act. Schisandra is scientifically proven to promote liver cell regeneration, while Sesamin act as a powerful antioxidant. And when their powers combine, bravos… …

Am so looking forward to a more healthy me from now. And if you shall be interested in getting some samples too, please click HERE.


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