What A Day!

Published August 29, 2011 by ireneyksoh


Today had been a very lazy day for me. I practically slept through my whole morning and afternoon.

Slept at 12 midnight yesterday and work up at almost1pm today. Had my brunch before doing some handicrafts. Dozed off at about 3pm and wake up again at about 4.30pm to catch a glimpse of the drama that dad is watching. Went back to ZZzzz land and wake up at almost 7pm, just in time for dinner. But sarcastically, the more  slept, the more tired I feel.

I give up on all types of medication. They only seems to make me feel better for a short period of time. After which, I will feel worse than before. I also feel myself getting more forgetful and tired easily too. Not sure if its due to the medication, or simply just me…

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