SoyJoy Bars

Published August 15, 2011 by ireneyksoh

It was slightly more than a week ago that I got a friend to help me purchase 2 boxes of SoyJoy Bars. With an amazing 36 bars (24 bars from 2 boxes and 12 bars free gifts with every box purchase), I was pretty sure that the vast amount this time is definitely able to last for quite some time. But I was terribly wrong… …

No words can described how shaken I was when I reached out for my favourite snack as always and find myself down to the last 2 bars. How did it run out so fast, I wonder? I didn’t remember myself eating much. Or maybe one in the morning… Or maybe one during snack time… Or maybe one while busy blogging… Not much really…

Oh well, I guess I had to get myself another coupon from SoyJoy FB page to get more… But wait, SoyJoy is making the deal even better now…

At the same tempting price of S$22 for 18 bars of SoyJoy, it now comes with free delivery right to my doorstep. Hooray! I don’t have to wait till every Wednesday or Friday to purchase the bars. I don’t have to travel there myself and yet get my favourite snack at the comfort of my home. How more wonderful can things be?


3 comments on “SoyJoy Bars

  • It taste great to me. or maybe its just my craze for things soya. just like i like the scent of freshly cooked soya milk, soya bean curd, soya pancake etc etc.

    as for the price, it is indeed a bit high. and i tend to buy only during promotions.

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