Health Supplements

Published August 13, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I can’t deny the fact that age had indeed been catching up on me and I’m not really that young anymore. I used to be able to go without sleep for more than a day. I used to be able to travel from Far East Plaza to Plaza Singapura by foot. I used to be able to work long hours daily without having backaches and muscle pains all over. I used to… I used to… So many I used to… …

Calcium is one of the most important mineral required by the human body to make bones and teeth, transmit nerve messages, tighten (contract) muscles, and help the blood to clot and the heart to function properly. Unfortunately, most do not get the recommended amount of calcium each day and I am no exception.

I’ll start maintaining my health by taking this supplements, drink more milk and include more calcium-containing foods in my diet. Kudos to a more healthy me…


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