Happy Watsons Trip

Published August 5, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by Watsons again to top up on my toiletry supply. I used to popby Watsons at least once every week to checkout on new promotions. But sadly, hasn’t got the mood to do so since the demise of my beloved mummy dearest. Things that I used to love doing in the past doesn’t seems to interest me anymore. It took me a while before i finally realised why. Because the person who always companied me is gone. Anyway, back to my trip. (This is getting a bit sad. T_T )

Didn’t buy much things for this trip. Am learning to focus on getting and fulfilling my needs, rather than wants. It’s not really easy to do so, with all the temptations preying around Watsons. But I’ll do my very best to control.

Ever since some unforeseen circumstance quite some time ago, it is now my habit to bring a tube of hand sanitizer in my bag, wherever I go. Got this brand to replace my Dettol bottle that is to be soon finished. Not only because I wanted to try new things, but also because its highly recommended by a friend. I’ve been trying and looking around for a hand sanitizer that does not leave behind any sticky feeling after use, and most important of all, does not have any strong chemical smell. But til dated, failed. Hope this one really is as good as what my friend said.

Some clear portable cream jars to consolidate all my sample sachets and also for easy storage. Saved me the trouble of having to open up sample sachets with every use and also good for preventing wastage.

Salonpas for my aching bones and muscles. I tend to get tired easily  nowadays. Is age really catching up on me or simply because I had overwork myself? I really don’t know.

As I had mentioned earlier, I’ve been dropping quite an amount of hair lately and my hair would look very lifeless. Hope after using these, I can find baby hairs growing and my hair more radiant looking.

I kinda like slap myself in the face when I checkout this product. It’s by no mean any necessities. It’s just something that I am leaning to get my hands on, ever since I tried the other version of the mask that Lush Beauty had so kindly sent me. And the desire to try out this version is so strong that my reflexes dumps the product into the shopping basket before my brain had the time to say no. Bad excuse! But who cares anyway!!!

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