Great Electronic Sales @ Expo

Published July 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I went to the Great Electronic Sales @ Expo today, in search of a new lappy for myself. But sadly, none of them appeals to me in any way. Guess I have to wait till the next IT fair that is happening in month September.

Despite that, I did not leave the place empty handed too. I’ve bought a new wall fan for the house and a new mp3 player for myself. My old one die many months ago and am currently relying on my sony ericssion handphone whenever I need my dose of music while traveling.

This lovely babe runs on external micro sd card up to a max of 8gb (memory card not included) cost me only a mere S$10. I’m okie with the fact that no memory cards were included in the deal cos I still have some spare one  left from my previous purchase. Am so happy to have grab such a great deal for myself.

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