Worst of Luck!

Published July 12, 2011 by ireneyksoh

This is a very special piece of container. Why? You may ask. Because someone just pasted some masking tapes on it. And that someone happens to be me, myself. I have nobody except for myself to blame for such mishaps.

Me happily tapao loh mee to workplace for lunch and paid auntie extra 30cents for the plastic container. But stupid me just simply stuff everything into my bag and totally forgotten about it. By the time i remembered, the damage is already done. There was a crack line on the container.

Being both lazy and hungry, my only solution was to tape it up and use it as it is. Lucky me! I manage to finish my meal without it spilling all over.

Such an ingenious idea! I must say I am also quite ‘clever’ ! Bwahahaz!


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