Sun Kee Dried Scallop Floss

Published June 18, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My cousin Ivy was raving to me quite some time ago about the delicious taste of Sun Kee dried scallop floss and that I definitely must try it. But sadly, it wasn’t on sale in any supermarkets and grocery stores within my neighbourhood area.

So when I finally caught sight of it in the recently renovated NTUC in my neighbourhood, there is no way I’m going to give it a missed.

My bottle of Sun Kee dried scallop floss straight out of the box. This is my very first time eating scallop in this manner. It would either be made into an omelette or stewed with lots of broccoli.

Frankly speaking, I really have my doubts about its taste. It doesn’t seems to appeal to me in any way. The color is kinda brown, which is in no way similar to the white scallop that I know of. Instead, it sort of reminds me of enoki mushroom that had been cut into smaller strips and severely overcook.

“Go on! Add them into soups or have them with congee for better taste”, or so my cousin said. I’ll be back with my verdict once I got my porridge cook or maybe when I feel like having it. But not within any time soon, I guess… …


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