GSS Goodie Bag From Confirm Trading

Published June 12, 2011 by ireneyksoh

In conjunction with the ongoing GSS, Confirm Trading had come up with a GSS goodie bag to pamper their facebook fans with. Limited to only 25 bags. Each goodie bag costing only a mere S$15, will contain products worth at least S$50.  I promptly informed July about it and we both decided to get a bag each to try out our lucks.

The GSS Goodie bag arrived in my house within a week after payment is made. I must say that Confirm Trading is doing a better job now in delivery as compare to previous year when I first bought things from them. It was so disappointing at that time. And not forgetting the bb cream misunderstanding that got me to boycott them for a very long time.

Upon opening the box, my mouth went wide with excitement to see the box filled to the brim with goodies for July and myself. I couldn’t really believe that I am getting so many items and best of all, mostly in retail size for such a mere sum paid.

May I hereby present to all, our GSS Goodie bag from Confirm Trading!!! Clap clap!!! Hooray!!!! The one on top belongs to me  cos I wanted the Smooth-E facial wash and the latter belongs to July cos she wanted the bb cream.

Here’s the content of my goodie bag in full blossom.  What a spread! How more generous can Confirm Trading be???

Next up the content of July’s goodie bag in full blossom too. Right after I took this photo and begin writing this blog, she has already started playing with her new loots. We were both very happy with our toys.

Do hurry if you would like to get your hands on them too as I heard that  Confirm Trading only have a few bags left.

A million thanks to Confirm Trading for the wonderful GSS Goodie bag. Look forward to many more wonderful deals with you in the near future.


2 comments on “GSS Goodie Bag From Confirm Trading

  • hahaz!!! you were right. i should have put it up asap. but me am having my doubts. am kinda worry that the goodie bag would be yet another disappointment. was kinda half-expecting it to contain lots of sample sachets.

    i enquired before i put up this post and they replied that they still have some left. hope your bag contains better things than mine.

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