Lush Beauty Goodies

Published April 3, 2011 by ireneyksoh

My parcel from Lush Beauty arrived quite some time ago but I was too busy with work and other personal stuffs to really have time to unpack my goodies until now.

As always, Lush Beauty never fails to wow me with the way my goodies are being packed. With thick layers of bubbles wraps and additional protection from secured tapes, I can be sure that my goodies always reached me in tip top condition. Unlike a particular company that I’ve also tried recently, I can’t seems to feel any sincerity from their parcel.  Not sure if its because they had already given me a very bad first impression and thus I expected more from them. But one thing for sure, I know who I shall look for to replenish my supply of cosmetic and skincare products now.

Got these lovely goodies during the Lush Beauty Weekly Sales at very irresistable prices.  They also kindly include some samples sachets in my parcel. None of my friends believe me when I told them that I paid less than S$30 for them. But its true and its all thanks to Lush Beauty.

Like I’ve always said, beauty need not always come in hefty price. And Lush Beauty truly proves my words.



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