Super Yummy Magnum Ice Cream

Published March 30, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Nothing cheers me up more than an ice cream treat, especially after a hard days work. But being a miser cum super thrifty person, it had never been my habit to purchase ice creams that cost more than S$2 per stick. And that’s the main reason why magnum ice cream continues to stay in my wishlist despite so many years. Not because I don’t have the money to buy. But rather I don’t have the heart to bring myself to actually buying it.

So when I reached home, feeling all dead beat and tired, to find my younger sister, Jade, had got me a magnum stick. My joys were beyond description. I can faintly see snow white angel wings behind her back and a glowing crown on top of her head! Hallelujah!!!

Out of a sudden, all my weariness seems to fade away by itself ! I’m alive again! The magnum is mine, and only mine alone!!! Bwahahaz!

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