Bio-essence Workshop

Published March 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I happily make my way to Hotel Intercontinential to attend the workshop co-organised by Bio-essence and Glow magazine. The workshop cost S$20 per person, but I won myself an entry via Glow magazine’s facebook mini contest.

Upon seated down, we were shown a short presentation on their latest range of bb creams and its usage. We were all very amazed by the coverage of the individual bb creams and its function. Me specially love the 10 in 1 Bio platinum bb cream. My face looks so flawless after using it.

After which we were treated to light refreshments before proceeding to the next part of the workshop. The foods were simply delicious, especially the tiramisu cake. Think I ate about 4 to 5 pieces of it. Ops! Gluttony me!

After the short break, its playing time. Just look at the range of products that we were given to try, including the latest bird’s nest series. I simply adore the lightness of the products. Despite being so heavily loaded with wholesome goodness, the texture of the products is ever so light. It was such fun!

Not forgetting, the generous goodie bag loaded with awesome products for us to bring home after the workshop. That’s so kind of Bio-essence.

A million thanks to Glow magazine and Bio-essence for the wonderful workshop! I’ll be sure to join in the next one.

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