Kinohimitsu Sampler Pack (6 Drinks)

Published March 13, 2011 by ireneyksoh

After a few corresponding emails and a week of waiting, my Kinohimitsu sampler pack finally make its way to my home. Am very disappointed with the long transition period. After my first controversy with them last year, I wanted to believe that they can do better than that. But I was wrong.

Upon opening my parcel, I am faced with yet another disappointment. Despite the fact that the sampler bottles are all of glass materials, they simply pack everything into a plastic bag and no bubbles wraps or extra protections of any sort is being used. Does it really requires so much effort to bubble wrap the items? Or are they just plain lazy or can’t be bothered?

Content Of My Kinohimitsu Sampler Pack
1 X Kinohimitsu BodySlen Drink
1 X Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink
1 X Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Drink
1 X Kinohimitsu BustUp Drink
1 X Kinohimitsu D’Tox Juice- Cranberry
1 X Kinohimitsu D’Tox Juice- Plum

Although they had kindly included 2 extra sachets of samples in the parcel, it did not seems to delight me in any way. Maybe its me who had harboured too high a hope on them, thus the multiple disappointment. Hopefully, things gonna get better from here.


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