It’s A Girl Thing By The Sample Store

Published March 9, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was dozing off in bed after taking my medicine when the postman came knocking on my door with my It’s A Girl Thing package from The Sample Store. Was a bit upset and angry that my sleep was being disturb but everything was forgotten the moment I got hold of my package.

Opening my package to reveal the items that were safely wrapped with bubble wraps to prevent it from damage during transition. Oh boy! Sure am I curious to find out what’s behind those tiny air bubbles.

It’s A Girl Thing Package Content
Opera Tokyo Face Color <16>
Hada Labo Sha Hydrating Mask
Kinohimitsu Japan Beauty Drink Collagen
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Travel Size)
Laurier Sanitary Pads ( 3 Pkts X 2 Pads)
Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion Sample Sachets (10 Pkts)

Extra Free Samples Checkout
Ecobeau Nutritive Cream
Ecobeau Bb Cream Plus
Ecobeau Natural Skin Toner
Sunplay Superblock SPF 130 Pa+++


Am kinda disappointed with the content of the bag. Firstly, the package content is supposed to be worth S$40 in value. But no matter how hard or how many times I recalculate, I never manage to get that amount. Secondly, multiple quantities of the same sample product is given. Was hoping to find more variety instead. Lastly, the manufacturing date for some products is more than a year ago, which makes it quite near to expiry dates.


2 comments on “It’s A Girl Thing By The Sample Store

  • Hi there!

    I’ve read a few people who are disappointed abt the sample store it’s a girl thing liao. I have been reading your blog for a while. I’m curious about how old you are? Hope to know to see if we’re near each other’s age then can use some products that you using. Hope that you will reply. Bye!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog.

    The package is kinda disappointing. Think the standard for the sample store kinda dropped after it switch from the old fr3b. wasn’t as good as it used to be one.

    You wanna tell me your age first? can only tell you i’m quite old now. can give you clues of my age though. i’m 30 35.

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