Package From LieseSG

Published March 7, 2011 by ireneyksoh

A small parcel from Kao Singapore arrived in my mailbox today. Am so eager to find out what’s inside.

Hooray! I’ve won myself a trial bottle of Liese Styling Water For Hair Fryer via their facebook LIKE contest. Am so happy to be able to try out yet another wonderful product from Liese, and at zero cost.

But that happiness soon proved to be shortlived and burst into bubbles the moment I overturn the trial bottle to inspect the product expiry date.

From my understanding, cosmetic and skincare products mostly have a life span of 3 years from date of manufacturing.

So based on this little sticker that I’ve seen, the expiry date for this trial bottle would be 18012008 + 3 years = 18012011

And the date today is 07032011, which means the product I received had expired more than a month ago.

I’m simply speechless, upset and utterly disappointed. Someone, please tell me that its not true… …


2 comments on “Package From LieseSG

  • congrats, my dear!
    next time we meet, pass you some of the goodies that i’ve won too. will update you if i manage to find any good deals.

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