Hair Care Kit From The Sample Store

Published February 22, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Let me introduce to you the 1st ever hair care kit from my favourite online store- The Sample Store.

At the mere price of S$5.99 (Postage fees is waived), you will recevied a total of 35 samples which includes shampoo, conditioner, serums, masks of randomly selected brand with a total est. min value of S$30.

Popular brands like Loreal Renutrition Range, Loreal Anti Frizz Range, Loreal Damage Range, Asience, Zui feng(Endorsed by Faye Wong), Skinfood, Palmers, Ichikami, Silkysmooth, Loreal Smooth Intense & more…

I wasted no time in checking out a set for myself.

My lovely parcel arriving safely in my mailbox within a few days from my checkout, thanks to the fast and efficient team behind The Sample Store. Am so eager to find out what’s in hold for me… …

OMG! Just look at the mass quantity of sample in the kit. Doesn’t it seems to be so fabulous to you? Although I was kinda hoping to find brands like Palmers and Skinfood in my parcel, the samples I received are also good in their own ways.

Tempted to get one too? Please click on my referral link HERE.

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