Joey Koo Christmas Giveaway

Published January 8, 2011 by ireneyksoh

No words can truly describe how thrilled and happy I was when Joey Koo emailed me stating that I had won in her christmas giveaway.This is the very first time that I’m lucky enough to win in a giveaway. I never seems to have any luck despite participating in many contest and giveaways.

And after a few corresponding emails and arrangements, my parcel finally arrived safely at home. I started grinning widely the moment I received my parcel. Joey was so sweet to pack the two goodies into a love shape container. My mum saw the parcel and thought  its a gift from BF. But sadly, she’s wrong. That will never happen. Cos I’ve got none to begin with.  Anyway, back to my goodies.

Here comes my prize – Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening mask andPeach Anti-aging Hand Cream. Been wanting to get my hands on them for long.  Winning this giveaway is like having a wish come true. And Joey is the lovely angel that fufilled my wish.

A million thanks to Joey for organising such generous giveaway. Shall be off to play with my new toys now.




4 comments on “Joey Koo Christmas Giveaway

  • sis, thanks a million for popping by my blog. nice to see you here. do pls give me your guidance in terms of blogging. me still a newbie.

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