Women’s Fair 2010 @ Marina Square

Published November 5, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Dropped by Marina Square to visit the Women’s Fair 2010 organised by SPH magazine and was fascinated by the crowds surrounding the various booths when I arrived. So many deals and promotions that you would not want to missed are being offered during the fair. Not forgetting, the generous samples given out to every passerby irregardless of purchase too.

Before leaving, I returned back to SPH booth to get a copy of Her World magazine for myself and was given a rather heavy bag of goodies.

Oh my god! Can’t believe I was given so many goodies at just a mere price of S$6. Am so going to share them with my mum.Am so happy with my loots.

And that’s not all. For those who like to get goodie bag but did not want to purchase any magazine. SPH specially prepared a smaller version of goodie bags for sale during this fair at a minimal price of S$3 per bag. Isn’t it sweet and thoughtful of them to do so?

And of course, I can’t resist and bought one too. So what was in my goodie bag this time????

Oh boy! Another surprise for me. Didn’t expect to get so many things at  that small price. What more can I say? I’m speechless.

Today had been such a fruitful day. All thanks to SPH magazines.



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