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Tarafuku Seafood Market & Restaurant (313 @ Somerset)

Published September 20, 2010 by ireneyksoh

After the Beauty Credit event (which totally pissed me off), my mum, my sister, my brother and I decided to treat ourselves to some good food at Tarafuku Seafood Market & Restaurant.

We had such a good time. My mum and my sister love the fresh sashimi, while my brother and I constantly attack the desserts. Will definitely be going back for more.

Beauty Credit Mooncake Feastival

Published September 20, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Yet another wonderful event from my favourite store- Beauty Credit. I happily rsvp for my mum, my sister, my brother and myself.

The store was not crowded when we arrived, which is good as we purposely choose to go early to avoid the crowd. There were only a few customers looking around, the others were happily munching away beside the food table.

My sister and I just took a walk around, have some food and left after paying for our purchase and collected the goodie bag, all done within 15 minutes.


Firstly, my favourite sales assistant is not available that day. Secondly, I don’t like this new sales assistant that attended to me. She was very persistance in following me around the store despite me telling her to leave me alone.  And also that she kept nagging beside me. Lastly, the crowd is starting to build up and that’s makes looking around very difficult.

Kichi Kichi Express Rotary Hotpot

Published September 18, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Its been a very long time since I last had steamboat with my family. So today after mum’s medical checkup at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, we decided to pop by Kichi Kichi for lunch.

My Overall Review:
My first trip to Kichi Kichi was not as pleasant as I expect it to me. Not sure if its because I harbour too high a hope.

Upon arriving, we had to go in and find the staff as no one was at the door to usher us to our seats.

I opt for herbal soup and tom yam soup. The herbal soup was quite okie but the tom yam soup taste quite blend. A very fascinating sight to have such a huge variety of foods, including sauces revolving around me. But am pretty amazed to find plates of watermelon fruits among the raw food. Isn’t cooked food or fruits supposed to be separated from raw ones?

The food serving per plate is kinda pathetic in my opinion. There were only 3 to 4 slices of meat per serving plate and 2 for prawns. Despite being told that everything on the menu can be found on the conveyor belt and one do not have to special order, I still did not get to taste many items like sliced lamb, flower crab, sea cucumber etc.

Its also very hard to get the attention of the staff as they kept engaging in private conversation in a hidden corner.

Worst of all, no one bothers to give me a Kichi Kichi reward card despite the promotion being highly raved on their website and facebook page despite me spending more than S$100 there.

Think Seoul garden is better.

Mid Autumn Festival 2010 @ Telok Blangah CC

Published September 14, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Its been so long since I last participate in the mid autumn festival organised by the community club near my house. The last one I went to was when I’m still studying in secondary school. Those were the good old days… ..

Every year without fail, mummy dearest would buy beautiful lanterns for my younger sister and I, and bring us to the celebration where we played with the other kids and collect many wonderful treats. How I wished I can become young again.

Now its my turn to do so.

Mummy, can I bring you to the coming Mid autumn festival at our house CC ????