Bistro Tea From Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Published September 3, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My younger sister know about my love for drinking tea and got me the Bistro Tea Classic Collection from Takashimaya shopping centre.

The canister contains an assortment of black, green and red tea pods.

  • Black tea Earl Gray
  • Red Tea Vanilla Peach
  • Green Tea Peppermint
  • Green Tea Lemon Grass

Am so eager to try out the different flavours and would definitely buy more if its good.


10 comments on “Bistro Tea From Takashimaya Shopping Centre

  • Dear Irene

    Thank you for your liking towards Bistrotea. We hope it brings you the experience of convenience, lifestyle and healthy living as our tea is organic and genuine.

    Unfortunately Takashimaya may not carry our tea anymore. If you’d liked, you can appeal this as consumer who would want us to continue growing and revolutionise the tea industry.

    Thank you so much for your support.

    We grow because of you.

    Take care =)

  • omg! that’s such bad news. where else besides taka am i able to get more of your tea???

    i’m deeply in love with it now. please don’t take us apart.

    • Hi Irene =)

      Thank you for your respond. I thrilled me…

      You can find us at
      Espressoul @ EFG Bank, Hill Street
      Espressoul @ Westpac Building, Robinsons Road
      Coffee Huggs @ GB Building, Cecil Street
      Coffee Huggs @ Temasek Tower, Shenton Way
      Coffee Joy @ 13 International Business Park, Jurong
      PICOTIN @ Turf Club
      Artiste at The Residence @ Marina Bank Financial Link

      We have been exclusively retail Bistrotea at Takashimaya. We will now exploring opportunities to partner with other fine retailers =)

      Meanwhile, feel free to visit our website at to browse our collection and be inspired. You can get more of our tea from our office at Red Dot Building or write me =)

      Cheers n blessings

      • Thanks! Shall take note on all the venues. Will definitely went down once my supply runs out.
        Will checkout your website when free.

  • Hi Irene

    For your information, we are launching new gourmet Bistro collection:
    Non-caffeinated tea – Fruit Berry and Herbs N’ Honey
    BistroSugar: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Amaretto and Irish Cream


      • Haahaa… I think you should, Irene =) even I fall in love with ’em.

        Unfortunately no, the Bistro range were not on sale in Takashimaya at the moment as mentioned due to the recent renovation they had reconfiguring the sales departmental area. (well, of course you can call in 6506 0496 to make a request to continue retailing our Bistro range.. smile)

        Let me know what you like to have where I can help to cater.. and thank you, for allowing me to leave a few footprints on your blog. Smile again =) and take good care of yourself too..

  • Thanks for informing me. If not, I would have made a wasted trip down. At which outlet can i find the new flavours at?
    Lastly, nice knowing you.

  • Christmas Gathering 2010 @ Basement 2 Takashimaya Food Hall
    13/11/2010 to 26/12/2010

    Hi Irene =)

    We just set up a shelve of Bistrotea and Young Organic biscuits at Takashimaya Basement 2 yesterday. You can find us opposite Cookie Man.

    Come and say Hello! if you are around.

    Smile, Gigi

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