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Review: ElishaCoy Mask Sheet – Pore Care

Published August 13, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Here are the 2 mask sheets that I had received from ElishaCoy quite some time ago but only manage to find time to try them out recently. I shall begin with the Chestnut Husk & Houttuynia cordata mask.

After taking the mask sheet out, there is still lots of essence left in the package because every single sheet contains a bottle of essence(25g), enough to penetrate deep into your skin and vitalizes it.  I felt so pampered.

    Before And After Pictures

I’m very thrilled by the visible reduce in my pore size after just putting on the mask for only 15mins.  I simply love the mask.  Despite being so rich in essence, it did not cause any breakout on my oily skin.  And I wake up the next day to a more hydrated and radiant looking skin.


  • Contains natural ingredient- 100% pure cotton
  • Contains natural vegetable essence
  • Quickly absorbed into skin and leaves skin feeling light and fresh.


  • Aloe & Lavendar
  • Chestnut Husk & Houttuynia cordata
  • Honey & Royal Jelly
  • Ricebran & Arbutin
  • Vitamin & Collagen

Retailing at S$22.90 for a box of 5 masks.

You can get ElishaCoy at John Little departmental Store &

Beauty Credit Sleeping Maskpack

Published August 12, 2010 by ireneyksoh

After being into Etude House products for a long period of time, I’ve decided to get myself something from Beauty Credit for a change. The very first product that I got for myself is the Beauty Credit Sleeping Maskpack Night Water Pack (Relaxing Herb Tea).


Upon opening the cap, one would find the product opening to be sealed with a small foil. Not only foes it prevent leakage of any kind that might occurred during storage, it also keeps the product in tip top condition. 

The cream turns into water the moment i apply in onto my skin, hydrating and pampering my tired skin. The relaxing herb tea scent also calm and relaxes my tight nerves after a hard day’s work. Best of all, it does not leave any oily feeling on my skin. I can happily go to bed after applying and wait up the next morning to a hydrated and radiant looking skin. How more wonderful can things get.