White Heal Pharm Nose Pore Cleaning Sheet

Published August 1, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Saw this going at a discounted price at Watsons and decided to get a box to try. I was in a rush and did not read through the descriptions on the back of the box until I reached home and finished settling all my chores.

I almost freak out when I saw that its made in china. I don’t really trust products made in china and will try to avoid getting any by all means. Was so worry that it would cause breakouts on my skin. But I have no choice but to use it since I have already paid for it.

I left it on my nose for about 15 minutes and this is the result. Didn’t expect my nose to be so ‘dirty’. Shall be more hardworking in my daily facial routine from now.


2 comments on “White Heal Pharm Nose Pore Cleaning Sheet

  • so will you purchase this again? i have only tried this product. but like you said, its made in china (i bought this when i saw its on a sale and realised that fact when i reached home too!!! haha), so i was wondering whether biore nose strip is better.

  • I was kinda cheated by the japanese words on the front of the box. But my friends said it should be fine since its control by Japan.

    If compare this to Bore, this one seems to be a little run out. Though i still prefer the one from Etude house instead.

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