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Happy And Fruitful Day!!!!

Published May 24, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Today had been a very fruitful day for me. I’ve had a great time at the Beauty Credit GSS high tea preview, meet up with an old friend and also many more new samples for myself. Here are all my loots for today.


Thanks to Sister Christy who informed me about the Beauty Credit GSS High Tea Preview, I was able to rsvp for both my sister and I for the wonderful event. The SA was very attentive and patient in clearing my doubts. The foods provided were also delicious and fantastic. After I cleared my plate, the SA even offered to do a top up for me. That’s is so sweet of her.  After looking around for a while, I left after buying a tube of sleeping mask and collected my goodie bag from the cashier counter.  My door gifts and purchase:



After that I went to Orchard central to meet up with a friend who kindly offered me some of her samples. Here’s what she gave me:



Managed to redeem some samples using the pages in Her World magazine.



And finally pop by Ninkio to collect the sample of the day and other samples. My sister also kindly bought me the box of acnes medicated facial wash that I had been wanting to get.


Letter From FR3B + Asience Sample

Published May 22, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Arrived home after visiting mum @ SGH to find 2 letter waiting for me on my computer table. One is from fr3b and the other one unknown. Was very surprise to receive a letter from fr3b cos I did not redeem any sample online recently.

I eagerly tear open the envelope to find a letter inside. It’s a notice from fr3b about their revamp. I have got to know about it through their website. But its very sweet of them to send a letter to their member informing them about the news too. Great for fr3b’rs who do not check their email often. Also included in the letter are some samples. How more lovely can they be.

The unknown letter contains a asience sample that I had request from Kao website quite some time ago. Was so looking forward to receiving it. Anyone interested in getting the sample, please click HERE.

Thann Oriental Essence Body Milk

Published May 17, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My friend got me to sign up for Harnn & Thann mailing list. And in return, I get to redeem a 60ml sample bottle of Oriental Essence Body Milk.

Was very excited to be given such a generous bottle of sample to try. But a peep at the expiry date kinda shocked me a little. Not sure if its typical for samples to have such a short life span. But since its free, so can’t really complain much.