Letter From FR3B + Asience Sample

Published May 22, 2010 by ireneyksoh

Arrived home after visiting mum @ SGH to find 2 letter waiting for me on my computer table. One is from fr3b and the other one unknown. Was very surprise to receive a letter from fr3b cos I did not redeem any sample online recently.

I eagerly tear open the envelope to find a letter inside. It’s a notice from fr3b about their revamp. I have got to know about it through their website. But its very sweet of them to send a letter to their member informing them about the news too. Great for fr3b’rs who do not check their email often. Also included in the letter are some samples. How more lovely can they be.

The unknown letter contains a asience sample that I had request from Kao website quite some time ago. Was so looking forward to receiving it. Anyone interested in getting the sample, please click HERE.

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