Mother’s Day @ SGH

Published May 11, 2010 by ireneyksoh

My mum is still on the road to recovery at SGH and we had no choice but to held our Mother’s Day celebration there. We actually had planned quite a few surprises and entertainments for this big day, but sadly we were unable to execute them in the hospital.

It took us quite some time before we finally decided to purchase this fruit cake from Bengawan Solo @ SGH Blk 7. It’s mum’s favourite fruit cake and it also happens to be the least sweet cake available for sale.

And so we first begin with the cake cutting ceremony. All of us were clicking away on our camera while mum put up different poses. She is so like a super star.

After distributing among us, we also cut and gave some to the aunties staying in the same ward as mum. I also got some roses for them too.

Next was the gift presentation, her three little piglets comes together to get her a Osim Umama Warm.  Though it cost us S$298, we felt the money well-spent as mum definitely deserved to be pampered by us all.

Shall held another celebration to make up for more things after she is being discharged.


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