Ginvera Nutri White Samples

Published February 15, 2010 by ireneyksoh

It took more than 5 phone calls, 2 emails and over a month of waiting before I finally received the samples in my mailbox today. But sadly, things were not really what I expect it to be.
Firstly, the envelope was slightly torn at the back and have a hole at the front. Not sure if anything had dropped out from that hole during the course of transportation.

Secondly, the samples given to me were considered pathetic when compared to my friend who collected hers only 2 days before me. She was very lucky not to have to undergo the same ordeal that I did. I was very unfortunate indeed.


Lastly, the cap for the tube sample went loose and its content spill out, leaving me with an empty tube.  How more disappointing can things get… …

Overall, it had been a very bad experience. Hope things will get better.

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