L’Officiel Magazine

Published February 4, 2010 by ireneyksoh

The much anticipated L’Officiel magazine had finally arrived in my mailbox today. If not for Sister Christy from Beauty Runway who helped me with the purchase, I would never have been able to own them. She is my god sent angel.

6 comments on “L’Officiel Magazine

  • u mean they sent it though your mail box? i tot it was supposed to be sent to our doorstep? i orderd my copy on 22 jan.. but up till now, i’ve not received it yet 😦 so sad!!!!!! wonder if it’s a lost mail or what??

  • maybe they couldn’t get me, so dropped into my mailbox.
    cos that day, my whole family went out.

    you might wish to drop them a msg via facebook or email them to ask.

  • i’ve contacted them thru fb.. at first they said wait till wed, then they told me to wait till fri.. it’s fri now, but no sign of it yet. i contacted them again, now they say wait till monday 😦

    sob sob sob 😦

  • hi babe,
    they’ve already get back to me.. but they say the kylie’s stuffs are oos… so have to replace with another item.. that not too bad, at least they are willing to substitute with another item.. but i hope i wouldnt be getting something which i will not be using which will then add up to my junkie-beauty-products storage area… haiz, so many peaople already commented that my room is looking more and more like a beauty store ;(
    i’ve already given away many items, but did not look much different..

    • am so happy for you.

      my house also have tonnes of such items. that’s why i’m selling them cheaply now via lucky bags.

      hope to clear at least half by 1st quarte of this year. my wardrobe is collapsing from the weight.

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