Eucerin Skincare Workshop By FR3B

Published December 5, 2009 by ireneyksoh

Was very rejoice to be able to attend such a wonderful workshop co-organised by FR3B and Eucerin. Upon arriving, we were lead to our seats by the friendly staffs. Through the workshop, I’ve learned about the various harms that UV rays did to our skin and how to prevent it. After almost 45 minutes of serious talk, its  time to take a short break.

Quite a wide spread, aren’t they????

The foods were awfully delicious. My friend and I simply adore the brownie and eclaire. As you can see from the picture, both items  were almost gone when it’s finally my turn to attack the foods.

After eating, my sister and I started to loiter around the sales table, looking for bargains. All products sold during the event will be given a 20% discount. I was quite tempted to buy all their products, but sadly was unable to due to budget. While struggling to decided between the cover stick and the cleansing gel, my dearest sister offered to buy them for me as xmas presents. That is so sweet of her. The extra scrub was a freebie for purchasing over S$50.

After the short break, the session resume and this time we were taught the correct way of putting on sun fluids and its benefits. It was indeed helpful. Our goodie bag at the end of the session.


A million thanks to both FR3B and Eucerin. It had been a very fruitful workshop. Am so looking forward to more such events in the coming future.

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