FR3B concept Store

Published August 3, 2009 by ireneyksoh

Getting samples from SA had never been an easy task. But thanks to my friend, Aizutto who introduce me to FR3B, its as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.. …


With just a mere S$28 for a year’s membership. I am able to grab a maximum of 8 samples, mostly retail size from their concept store located at Stamford House.


Upon signing up, one will be issued with a bonus of 16 points to be used to redeem for samples. 2 points will be deducted for each sample check out from the store and reimburse after you write a review for that particular item.


More than 120 types of samples are available instore for redemption and the list is constantly increasing.


A goodie bag worth minimal S$50 will also be given to you free after you signed up. And also a S$160 spa voucher. Here’s the content of my goodie bag.



My very first grab from the concept store.

1 x AVALON ProBiotic
1 x AVALON American Ginseng Slice With Honey
1 x Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
1 x Caviall Wrinkles Free Powertox
1 x Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel Off Mask
1 x Listerine Mint
1 x Nivea Happy Time

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